Pelicans On The Breeze 2000 is the next installment of Ernie Johnson From Detroit’s annual Ohio River boat cruise!

Leading up to the year 2000, computer systems’ inability to distinguish dates correctly had the potential to bring down worldwide infrastructures for industries ranging from banking to air travel. It didn’t.

Ernie Johnson From Detroit has dialed up another one of a kind event on the beautiful Belle of Cincinnati Riverboat. Let’s ride…on another moonlight cruise. We went back in time, now we are venturing forward on the space time continuum, to Pelicans on the Breeze 2000. It could be that our universe is just one member of a much larger multitude of universes: a multiverse.

We welcome you to the Ernieverse this June 17th. Cast out the old and embrace the now. We have found the other mouth of the wormhole, and it is Pelicans on the Breeze 2000.

On Friday, June 17th, Ernie Johnson From Detroit, BUNK News, and YOU will board the Belle of Cincinnati at 10:30PM to celebrate our 2000th annual Ohio River boat cruise. Our vessel will depart at 11:30PM sharp with a plan to return at 2AM earthly time.


Ernie Johnson From Detroit Live, Vol. I & II Limited Edition Pink Vinyl compilation is the physical companion to the digital release of EJFD Live, Vol. & II. Three tracks were selected from each night to be featured on this vinyl compilation. Live, Side A was recorded at Big Pink in Cincinnati, OH on 1/17/2020. It was mixed and mastered by Tobe “Tobotius” Donohue. Live, Side B was recorded at the Mousetrap in Indianapolis, IN on 1/18/2020. It was mixed and mastered by Matt Vice. All songs on this record were written and produced by Ernie Johnson From Detroit.

Live @ Big Pink